How To Stimulate The Nipples Of Women To bBe Aroused

Breast is one part of a woman’s body that has the strongest sexual attraction for men. Many men who even aspire to have a partner with a certain form of breast because think if this will give satisfaction when doing a sexual activity. Not only satisfy men, breasts are also mentioned can make women’s sexual desire increases if stimulated and even can provide its own pleasure. In fact, there is a mention that there are women who can get an orgasm just because the nipple stimulated her breasts. Is this possible to happen?

Sexual health experts say that for some women, stimulation of the breast, especially on the nipple either in the form of touch, squeeze, kissing, suction, or massage, can provide a fairly intense orgasm in women. This is due to the nerves in the breast associated with the part of the brain that can provide sexual satisfaction. When the breast or nipple part is stimulated, the hormone oxytocin gets released into the brain and triggers immense sexual pleasure.

Stephen de Wit, PhD who is a sexologist who wrote a book called The Sexual Freedom System states that every woman will have different preferences in terms of how men stimulate her breasts. However, one thing is for sure, breasts with smaller sizes tend to be more responsive and provide satisfaction when gaining stimulation. Not only that, breast nipples are larger also tend to be more sensitive when compared with the nipple smaller size.

Seeing this fact, it’s good that men do not forget to stimulate the breasts, especially the nipples of her partner’s partner during intercourse or when doing foreplay because it can provide extraordinary sexual satisfaction on their partner.

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